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TEAM-SOS-FullShieldAbout TEAM Special Ops Survivors

TEAM Special Ops Survivors is our way of actively honoring the legacies of our fallen heroes and raising awareness of our organization and our survivors’ journeys.

TEAM Special Ops Survivors has been years in the making. This grassroots effort was started by our Board President, Trey Kubricht, and a group of motivated individuals who want to give back to the families of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Over two years ago, this group began training and competing in “mudders” or “mud runs.” The group wore t-shirts displaying the Special Ops Survivors logo. While their efforts brought some attention to our cause, they felt they could be doing more. In late 2013, this group took things to the next level and TEAM Special Ops Survivors was born.

The TEAM concept is born

TEAM Special Ops Survivors memorializes our survivors, their heroes and their families on an on-going basis. TEAM Special Ops Survivors operates on three principles: commitment to a cause higher than one’s self, the will to sacrifice time spent in training in order to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

At extreme obstacle races, all TEAM members wear desert tan uniforms, similar to that utilized by Special Ops personnel, including rucksacks. At these events, each TEAM member represents a different one of our survivors’ fallen heroes by donning a memorial patch that includes the fallen hero’s name, rank, unit and date of death. TEAM members work together at the events, much like our operators worked together on their teams, to conquer any obstacles. During the event, TEAM members share the stories of their heroes with other race participants. The goal at these races isn’t to win, it’s to finish the race together.

After each race is completed, the memorial patch and any unit patches are returned to the surviving spouse, and a copy of the memorial patch is rotated to the TEAM member’s rucksack. At the next event, a different set of heroes and their surviving spouses are highlighted while the TEAM members continue carrying the names of the previously honored on their rucksacks. In this way, the rucksacks become ongoing memorials to our fallen heroes.

Resonating with our Community

The response that TEAM Special Ops Survivors has gotten from our survivors and the public has been overwhelming. The model has struck a chord with our families and the friends of our fallen heroes.

Recently TEAM Special Ops Survivors got the attention of Spartan Race – an international leader in extreme obstacle racing. Special Ops Survivors is now an official charity partner with Spartan Race. You can help us make this a successful partnership – either as a competitor or volunteer. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Spartan Race. SR_Reebok_Stacked_Logo_wt

If you’re ready to take your commitment to the next level by forming your a TEAM to compete at an extreme obstacle event, then click here to get started.

Going beyond Obstacle Events

The TEAM Special Ops Survivors concept goes beyond competing in mud runs or obstacle courses. If you are an athlete of any kind, then you too can be a part of TEAM Special Ops Survivors. Click here to find out how you can join TEAM Special Ops Survivors.

How TEAM Special Ops Survivors is funded

The extreme obstacle race arm of TEAM Special Ops Survivors is and will remain a completely privately funded initiative – Special Ops Survivors program dollars are not being used to fund this endeavor. TEAM members are responsible for procuring their own uniforms and equipment and paying their own race entry fees. Because of this funding setup, TEAM Special Ops Survivors sponsors are crucially important. Please contact our Board President and TEAM leader, Trey Kubricht, if you are interested in joining our other motivated sponsors and partners by sponsoring our TEAMs.

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