TEAM Special Ops Survivors will debut on October 12, 2013 at Warrior Dash in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The Team will be honoring six fallen heroes at the event:

MSG Michael L. McNulty, USA
Capt Matthew Bancroft, USMC
LTC John Stein, USAF
CPO Matthew Bourgeois, USN
CW3 Daniel “Dan” McCants, USA
MSG Thomas Maholic, USA

Who is TEAM Special Ops Survivors?

TEAM Special Ops Survivors is a new way for our survivors to have their fallen heroes individually and uniquely honored.

Trey Kubricht, President-Elect of the Special Ops Survivors Board of Directors, has organized a motivated team – five civilians, one retired military member and himself – that desires to give back to the families of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The team trains and competes year round in the new wave of “Mudders” or “Mud Runs”. For the past two years, team members have worn t-shirts displaying the Special Ops Survivors logo. Now they are prepared to take things to a higher level as TEAM Special Ops Survivors.

Here is a note from Trey and Team Special Ops Survivors to our surviving spouses:
“Our team is honored to run in remembrance of your heroes. We look forward to getting to know you, the survivors of Special Ops Survivors, and your stories. We have been approached after races asking “Who are you and why are your running this race?” We look forward to the opportunity to respond by telling others about you, your hero, and your family. Mud Runs are challenging physically and mentally but we know nothing compares to the ultimate sacrifice you and your family have given for our freedom.”

All TEAM members will wear desert tan uniforms, similar to that utilized by Special Ops personnel, including rucksacks (backpacks). At each race, each TEAM member will represent a different one of our survivor’s fallen heroes by donning a memorial patch that includes the fallen hero’s name, rank, unit, date of death, and Special Ops Survivors logo. When available, the TEAM member will also wear the fallen hero’s unit patch. The TEAM’s goal at these races is to honor the fallen and their surviving spouses by demonstrating teamwork, commitment and the desire to never quit despite adversity, much as the surviving spouses and heroes have done.

After each race is completed, the memorial patch and any unit patches will be returned to the surviving spouse, and a copy of the memorial patch will be rotated to the TEAM member’s rucksack. At the next event, a different set of heroes and their surviving spouses will be represented while the TEAM members continue carrying the names of the previously honored on their rucksacks. This way the rucksacks become a continuing memorial.


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