TEAM Special Ops Survivors will be taking part in the Spartan’s Dallas Beast on Oct. 31, 2015. We invite anyone who is in the area to come out to support TEAM Special Ops Survivors. We also invite others to join us virtually through the TEAM’s Facebook page.

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At the race, the TEAM will be honoring four fallen heroes and their families. Read about these heroes:


Who is TEAM Special Ops Survivors?

TEAM Special Ops Survivors memorializes our survivors, their heroes and their families on an on-going basis. TEAM Special Ops Survivors operates on three principles: COMMITMENT to a cause higher than one’s self, the will to SACRIFICE time spent in training in order to HONOR those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

At extreme obstacle races, all TEAM members wear desert tan uniforms, similar to that utilized by Special Ops personnel, including rucksacks. At these events, each TEAM member represents a different one of our survivors’ fallen heroes by donning a memorial patch that includes the fallen hero’s name, rank, unit and date of death. TEAM members work together at the events, much like our operators worked together on their teams, to conquer any obstacles. During the event, TEAM members share the stories of their heroes with other race participants. The goal at these races isn’t to win, it’s to finish the race together.

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