Individual Emotional Support


Peer-to-Peer Friendship
The key to our approach to healing is based upon finding common ground in relationships. Our approach provides the opportunity for survivors to come together with their peers to find comfort and healing in a judgement-free environment. Unlike a traditional mentorship model, our approach is grounded in a team perspective in which we believe that every survivor brings a unique and valuable perspective to the group. We believe this approach offers the new survivor a safe and understanding sounding board while, at the same time, helping the more experienced survivor progress in her or his own healing processes.

“Forget-Me-Not” Outreaches
Special Ops Survivors recognizes that after the memorials are over, even the most well-intentioned family, friends, and neighbors go back to their everyday lives – sometimes leaving survivors feeling forgotten and alone. Our mission is to let surviving spouses know they are not alone. We do this by sending personal outreaches to our survivors throughout the year to let them know that they remain in our thoughts and hearts.

Other outreach activities take place throughout the year based on our survivors’ needs – whether it be celebrating a birthday, remembering the anniversary of a spouse’s death, letting someone know we are thinking about them when they are ill, or welcoming the birth of a baby.

Survivor Transition Assistance Recovery Team (START)
Special Ops Survivors understands that in the immediate days and weeks following a casualty notification, the new surviving spouse can become overwhelmed with the barrage of information and decisions that need to be made. The new survivor might not know anyone else who has been in a similar situation, a person who could make all the difference in the world during this difficult time. Upon request, we can provide seasoned survivor liaisons to the new survivor to lend dedicated emotional support during this period of transition. All of our survivors liaisons undergo training in bereavement counseling and must have a minimum of two years to grieve their own spouse’s death prior to becoming a liaison.


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