Meet Our Survivors

Our success in meeting our mission is measured by our survivors. Here is just a brief summary of some of the things our survivors have shared with us during the past 10 the years.

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“While I can only speak for myself, I have no doubt that many of my sentiments are shared by the other women you have helped. Your support, your time, your friendships, and your kindness have made a tremendous difference in our lives!!”
– Surviving Spouse of a Navy SEAL

The outpouring of support and kindness is overwhelming, and I find it difficult to find the words to describe how deeply I have been touched. I may have lost the most important person in my little world, but through that I have gained an entire extended family through you and the Foundation. You have all continually reminded me that the little people are not overlooked, and that the memories of our fallen are not forgotten. For that I thank you.”
– Surviving Spouse of an Army Special Forces soldier

“Thank you does not seem adequate. Everything was amazing! Something changed in me – can’t put my finger on it, but somehow I feel better, happier, ready for another step in the right direction.”
– Surviving Spouse of an Army Special Forces soldier

“I appreciate any interaction with the other women. It felt good just to talk to others and to listen to people who understand what I am feeling.”
– Surviving Spouse of an Army 160th SOAR soldier

“Thank you for the check that you provided to help offset medical costs. What a wonderful thing to do for us. Thank you also for the lovely Valentine’s Day card. To know that we are thought of and remembered means more than words can express. It put a smile on my face on a difficult day.”
– Surviving Spouse of a Navy SEAL


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